MAIA is an intelligent system that replaces the first sales line, consultant, support service

AI assistant who sells

Tell me more about your offer
Specify within what budget you are ready to consider investments and I will generate a selection of ideal properties for you
$1.4-1.6 million. When can you send me a selection?
Hello! We help earn money from property investments in Dubai. Are you interested in earning from 35% p.a.

Put sales on autopilot

Works 24/7

Dynamically adapts to the context

Can we arrange a meeting?
Of course, we can hold a meeting in our office or at a location that is convenient for you. If it is more convenient for you, we can hold the meeting online via Skype, Google Meet or Zoom. Which format do you prefer?
Let's Google Meet
Great, what day and time will be convenient for you? Please tell me your email address so that I can send you an invitation to a meeting.

Transcribes voice messages

Remind me tomorrow an hour before the meeting
What is your preference for the reminder method? We can send you a reminder via email or SMS

Knows everything about your product

Which service will suit me?
A logistics management system will suit you. The system will include shipment tracking, delivery routing and warehouse management. We can develop such a system for you!


In autumn
Sales Automation
Integration with your CRM
Connection to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, webchat via custom API
MAIA is a service for
first line of sales
support services
knowledge bases

Already using MAIA

Sell smarter

You no longer need to invent sales scripts and learn how to work out objections. Maia can do it all by itself.