Maia Conlon Visual and Interactive Designer


vanity fair + Wired

Paywall ⟶

Visual and Interactive design language, flows, and overall product strategy for the recently implemented Vanity Fair and Wired gated content models.


Condé Nast Traveler

Vision Deck Investment Ask Prototypes ⟶

A series of visuals and animations created to accompany the rich business strategy for a Condé Nast Traveler investment pitch.


Bon Appetit

Healthyish Motion Design ⟶

Animated flows demonstrating the page design and behavior of the proposed website.


The New Yorker


A series of both content models and iterative UI designs for article recirculation on 

Flow
Global Sign-in/up flows, account management experience, and password recovery for both freemium users and paid subscribers.

Tag Pages
A redesign of trending topic hub pages to improve SEO.

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Global Research Summit ⟶

Environmental visuals and team building activities designed for a global leadership/business transformation summit. 


Creative Coding Website

An educational concept website that acts as a collaborativedigital specimen box for insect enthusiasts.


Editorial / Print

MOMA: Ecstatic Alphabets, Heaps of Language ⟶

Exhibition catalog for MOMA's 2011 show that brought together 12 contemporary graphic artists who work across all mediums including painting, sculpture, film, audio, and video


Poster Design

Design X Drinks Speaker Series: Sha Hwang ⟶

Event poster created for a quarterly speaker series that featured Sha Hwang: founder of Gifpop, Movity, and Meshu.

Shahwang_thumb copy.png

Poster Design

RISD Speaker Series Poster ⟶

Speaker series event poster that commemorates the french designer and typographer Philippe Apeloig.


Packaging / Concept Art

Climate Book Series ⟶

This art concept book contains facts, photos, and weather statistics from each of the 12 basic climate zones.